Sage Leary is a professional guitarist singer-songwriter and musical pioneer. His multi-genre sound includes searing blues, modern rock, and acoustic Americana with highlights of pop, rap, funk, Latin, and reggae merged into a style that is uniquely Sage. His live performances take the audience on a sonic adventure with live looping, wailing harmonica, and soulful lead guitar.

Sage’s passion for music launched at age 11 when he took up the guitar and soon began writing, singing, and performing his own songs. While attending high school, Sage recorded two full-length albums of original music: Feel the Sound and Already There.  He is currently releasing new studio recordings as singles and videos to provide fans with a steady stream of new music. Sage’s schedule includes frequent tours and performances at festivals, concert series, wineries, breweries, restaurants, and private events. Follow Sage on Facebook and Instagram, watch him on YouTube, and listen to him on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other streaming platforms.