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  1. Wonderful meeting you, and your parents, this evening. Great songs! I know that I will be hearing more of you in the future!

    • Thank you Marge. It was nice meeting you too. I am currently recording a new album. If you would like to see some previews and video clips as I go through the process, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

  2. My daughter and I look forward to seeing you at the Acoustic Cafe on May 17. You sound like a talented musician, and my beautiful daughtwr appreciates guitar music. I wanted to find something that woyld interest her. when shes not studying she is playing. We will be in town for a graduation at the university, and we’re traveling all the way from Boca Raton, Florida. I Was searching online for musical entertainment while were in town that weekend and your name appeared. s

    • Just saw this… That’s Awesome! I remember that show, it was a fun time. Got the chance to go to Florida last winter and had a great experience. Feel free to see where I’m playing next when/if you are back in the area!

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  5. Been seeing your Facebook advertising/gig schedules for awhile now. Haven’t made it down to Shakopee Badger Hill Brewing.. yet… and maybe Omni Maple Grove or Elm Creek Champlin again or Heavy Rotation Brooklyn Park. Wondering where you’re based and so impressed with your musical talent! Obviously a born musician who has put in the work! John Mayer should be looking over his shoulder : ) Hope to make it to a show and buy some CDs and merch!

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